Best Ski Resorts In Europe

The snow is powdery, white, and people are hitting the slopes this season in record numbers. However, why not take a break from Tahoe, Aspen, and New York and get to where the real action is, the best ski resorts in Europe.

That being of course in the EU, Europe is famous for its ski slopes and over the centuries, skiing here in the blood of the people here and it has become a mainstay for the wealthy and middle-class. They come from across the entire length and breadth of the EU to enjoy winter. Norway, Sweden, and even Icelandic children learn to ski at the same time they learn to walk.

Best Ski Resorts In Europe

Though the skiing in these countries is more practical and widespread it doesn’t hold a candle to the pageantry and mystique of skiing in France where the royalty and jet setters on the European continent consider the French Alps the Crème Del La Crème for skiing holiday.

Switzerland, Andorra, and new and upcoming places like Bulgaria and even Croatia are becoming popular destinations. However, France is the queen when it comes to holiday skiing.

When you see the French Alps and taste French cooking and their wines, which are considered the best in the world you’ll be hooked for life.

Though, the Italians, Chinese, Japanese, and even the Thais try to challenge the French supremacy in the kitchen. You at once know who reigns supreme when you walk into a Chalet’s dining room after a day on the slopes and partake of the best the French have to offer.

From France, it is just a short jaunt to reach the Italian slopes where not only is the skiing is superb by far. But, you get famous Italian cuisine, wine, and the Italian hospitality that comes from the heart.

The slopes here are filled with joyous laughter and the pristine slopes beckon to you to test your skills as you glide down slopes and stay in resorts that were once home to the aristocracy of Europe.

The Italians know how to lead a robust and happy life and they want you the visitor to feel their happiness with the skiing, food, and wine in a country noted for romance as well as the excitement found on the slopes.

However, perhaps you prefer a more refined and yet laid back environment. Then booking your holiday in Austria and spending a ski holiday in the land of beer and German Cookery. The time you spend on their ski slopes is tempered with time spent in the beer halls and mixing with not only the German people but with people from all over Europe, Asia, and the Russian Republic.

Here the hospitality is delivered in that old world tradition and when it’s time to choose which of the 3 countries we’ve mentioned remember all are all very affordable and special holiday packages can make your time in the EU memorial.

You can take your time and enjoy the skiing, the people, and the food whether it is in France, Italy, and Austria as well as many other European countries have opened their arms to give you the best for a skiing holiday. One that is exciting, fun, and now the prices are right to enjoy it all for yourself on your vacation.