Italian Ski Resorts

Italy isn’t just famous for wine and pasta. It is also home to some of the best skiing on the continent. With over 1800, ski lifts to accommodate your trip to the top of 6,000 square kilometers of skiing fun. You have everything you could wish for in a skiing vacation holiday.

The Three peaks area is one of the best. Stiergarten, Rotwand, and Kreuzbergpass give you a choice in 3 venues and almost 70km of pristine snow covered slopes. The nearby villages of Vierschach, Sexten, Moos, Innichen, Toblach, and Niederdorf give you a taste of real Italian hospitality and enjoy a lifestyle that is more relaxed than the frantic pace you’re probably trying to get a break from in you day-to-day life.

Italian Ski Resorts

In the northern part of the Italian Alps nestles the tiny village of Alba, which is famous the world over as one of the most exciting ski resorts. Here in a world, that marches to the beat of a different drummer. You can get away from the boring mundane lifestyle you have been leading and indulge yourself in a skiing adventure that includes delicious Italian cuisine, wine, and people who never let you leave the table until your belly is full and there is a smile on your face.

But, if you tend to want to be where there is more excitement then we might suggest Passo Tonale. Rising 3500 meters on their highest slope you have a natural amphitheater that marks the border between the Val di Sole and Vallecamonica. Here you find skiing at its best.

Not only to you have your choice of 14 slopes with varying degrees of challenge for a newbie as well as the seasoned skier. In addition, in the surrounding environment, you have parks, forests, and many villages that give you the true feel of Italy and its people. One of the more popular destinations for the traveler is Vezza d’Oglio, which is a good starting point and base to take in all the sights as well as the slopes.

If you want some of the best cross-country skiing, you may want to set your sights on Vermiglio that at 1200 meters and is nearest to the pass. Here laid out before you are trails and open country that is just right for newbies and pros alike. After an exciting day of skiing, you can enjoy an evening of food and great company in one of the inns or village pubs that dot the village.

This is just a sampling of what awaits you here in Italy in the mountain fastness that Hannibal had to conquer before invading Rome. Today, you have a much easier task as chairlifts whisk you to the top of mountains that even the elephants of Hannibal’s army found daunting. Now you can enjoy them as your skis let you travel from top to bottom in a time that the ancient general would be amazed at.

Ski Italy and enjoy the skiing, the hospitality like none other, and at a price that will astound you.